Since the human body is the receptacle in which the Almighty places the soul, it becomes sanctified through this combination. This sanctity remains even after the soul departs from the body. Therefore, care and respect must be accorded the dead as they are prepared and escorted to their final abode on earth.

Throughout the ages, Jewish communities have established "societies" whose sole function was the care of the deceased from the time of death until interment. The primary concern is the ritual purification and the dressing in traditional shrouds. This process is called Tahara and is a time-honored ritual of preparing the deceased in accordance with Jewish tradition.

The Jewish Sacred Society Chevra Kadisha of Chicago is an organization of men and women who perform this service with reverence and dignity and maintain the highest standards of Jewish customs and laws. These members participate voluntarily in this "Chesed Shel Emes" (genuine kindness).